Rad Electric co., Importer and distributor of industrial electrical equipment works as one of leading trading companies in the field of industrial electric and electronic components. Rad Electric was established in 1975,and by having vast experience and doing business in global market, now we have honor of representing some top major European and Asian companies in different fields. Over the years, our office has become a company with a world-wide reputation. For us our good name is not only our program, but also our obligation always to do our best. We believe our ambition not to be satisfied until our customer satisfaction. This is a challenge and we have taken up this challenge successfully, and it also forms the basis of our growth. Both, our head office and show room is located in Ferdowsi street. That is the heart of Electric and Electronic market of Iran. All the customers throughout the country refer to this major market to find the solutions they need to solve their problems. Rad Electric represent a team of experts dedicated to the customer’s field. They have extensive experience in product-specific disciplines. These highly trained sales personnel bring to you decades of experience in passive and electronic components to assist you in application today. Electrical wholesale companies, utilities, under ground train and industrial manufacturer from the basis are the main share of our wide range of customers beside these customers, we have a vast range of well-known customers from industry, telecommunicated and manufacturing companies.

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Rad Electric Co is honored of participating in internal fairs in Iran as well as international fairs in Germany, for business development, improvement the services it offers and penetrating global market. The fairs we have attended :

Visiting Westcode Factory(England) 2007

Visiting Celduc Company(France) 2009

Visiting Precilec Company (France) 2009